Senior Executives and Professionals

The financial futures of many senior professionals & executives are left to chance. The intense nature of their jobs means many professionals are unable to dedicate the time needed to manage, protect and grow their wealth.

Along with the complex nature of professional remuneration packages, it can be difficult to understand how to maximise personal outcomes.

The Ascent Private Wealth advice team understands these unique challenges and can provide highly tailored solutions. These multi faceted challenges arise because most senior professionals and executives:

  • are time-poor;
  • do not have a financial strategy in place and therefore are not optimising the wealth creation potential from all their hard work;
  • have difficulty achieving a work/life balance;
  • are prone to making poor quality decisions (thus wasting years of financial opportunity) because they do not have the time or resources available to ensure they consistently make smart decisions in their best interests;
  • struggle to come to grips with complex remuneration arrangements (e.g. long term incentive arrangements involving share options, rights etc.) and how to maximise outcomes in all market environments
  • have a large concentration of wealth invested in one stock that may only be partly accessible;
  • make financial decisions in isolation of their partners (and/or can’t reach agreement on the trade-offs).