Ascent Insights Edition 34

Welcome to our latest newsletter We hope 2016 is treating you well and that you are staying warm now that winter has arrived. In this edition, we first review the recent Federal Budget and what it might mean for your super. We cover the timely topic of digital assets and your estate plan and … [Read more...]

2016 Budget Wrap Up – What you need to know

Last night the Treasurer handed down the 2016 Federal Budget.  Please read below some of the changes that may affect you: Superannuation tax concessions have been heavily tightened, with existing limits reduced and new caps introduced The tax exemption for earnings on assets supporting … [Read more...]

Ascent Insights Edition 33

Welcome to Ascent Insights Edition 33. After a weak start to the new calendar year, asset class returns were back in positive territory in March. All of the world’s major share markets recorded good gains during the month. The S&P500 Index in the US was one of the best performers, rising by … [Read more...]

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Financial Focus – Summer 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Financial Focus Summer 2016. Financial Focus is a quarterly Newsletter and this is on top of Ascent Insights which we send out once a month to you. I hope you find the articles in this issue interesting and informative. In this edition, we look at what you … [Read more...]

Seven reasons not to be too concerned with the current market

A rough start to the year, which could have further to go. Seven reasons not to get too concerned though: Key points Financial markets have started the year on a rough note as last year’s worries about China and global growth in the face of US monetary tightening continue. This could drive … [Read more...]

Ascent Insights Edition 30

Christmas and the holiday season is upon us and as 2015 draws to a close, it's time to review what's happened in the investment markets this year and look ahead to 2016. We have attached three articles for you this month. The first is a market update from Three Sixty Research for December. The … [Read more...]

Lucky Numbers

Chinese people are big believers in “lucky” and “unlucky” numbers to the extent that they can be reluctant to invest in stocks with unfavourable codes. However, a study by a Singapore finance professor found no evidence these superstitions have any bearing on future returns. … [Read more...]

What’s in it for them?

Few of the pundits who regularly appear in the financial media have anything at stake. Their job isn’t so much to make accurate forecasts as to generate activity. So it’s in their interests to get people trading. This writer suggests if you must watch this stuff, do so purely for its entertainment … [Read more...]

Speculating Vs Investing

In investment, not every risk is the same. Good risk is one you are compensated for taking. Bad risk, like picking individual stocks, essentially involves taking a punt. As Larry Swedroe writes, this sort of activity is more about speculation than … [Read more...]