North Korean Stock Exchange: the countdown begins

The Berlin Wall was brought down because people were tired of wearing Bulgarian shoes; that's the theory according to political satirist, P.J O'Rourke. In much the same way, the triumphant moment of Korean unification over the weekend, is largely driven by North Koreas inevitable drift into a … [Read more...]

Queen Elizabeth teaches diversification

Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday kicked off around the Commonwealth last week (Australia celebrated by hosting a Royal Commission). And even though her family still call her “Your Majesty”, a lot sure has changed since Her Royal Highness was born. Back in 1926, Bethlehem Steel and … [Read more...]

Ascent Insights Edition 48

We all want to live a long and enjoyable life. And as we age, the importance of upcoming events becomes even more apparent: children’s weddings, grandchildren’s birthdays, or that big family holiday you had planned for years. But there are three important variables to consider: Your age … [Read more...]

When parliament closes a door, they open a window

They say that to understand a problem, you need to really stare at it, analyse it and understand it. But sometimes, giving a problem this much attention, is actually the problem in itself. You see, when it comes to the proposed changes to franking credits, people and the media (which in fairness, is … [Read more...]

I thought Australians loved politics, right?

When was the last time you sat back and thought to yourself, “geez, I just love politics”? Probably never. Which is the why the news and, more importantly, the news’ political polls, always favour the non-elected political party; because news reflects the views of the minority. People are more … [Read more...]

Kim Jong-Un: The Intelligent Investor

When people look for investment insights and understanding, they regularly start with the best-selling book, The Intelligent Investor. Personally, I look to the infamous world leader, Kim Jong-Un. You see Kim is a perfect example of entirely random behaviour, where past performance is not an … [Read more...]

A cricketer, a CEO & a president walk into a bar

This is no joke. But try telling that to Steve Smith, Mark Zuckerberg and President Xi Jinping. These three men will dominate the news headlines this week for ball tampering, plummeting stock prices and trade war negotiations. But as we all get primed to start making judgements, it’s important to … [Read more...]

Corporate Tax Cuts: what is best for Australia?

Welcome to Ascent's Monthly Focus: March Edition. In this edition, we analyse the proposed corporate tax cuts: what are the experts saying and what is best for Australia? What are the economists saying? There is flurry of conversation within the economic community about tax rates, in particular, … [Read more...]

Xi and Shorten: we have a problem

They say that when everyone in the room agrees with you, you need to find a new room. Try telling that to President Xi. On Saturday, Chinese President Xi won the presidential election 2,970 to 0 (Vladimir Putin, eat your heart out). It’s not often in life you find unanimous support for anything, … [Read more...]

Trade Wars: what if no one plays?

The last time the USA imposed large trade tariffs (taxes on imports), the world plunged into the Great Depression and then WW2 broke out. But don’t worry, this article is about to take a more positive swing. You see, the last time the USA imposed tariffs, the world responded in a trade war. But this … [Read more...]