Fee for Advice

Once you join our ideal client community we begin by preparing your written lifetime financial strategy. This will take four weeks to complete. Then, we reschedule a meeting to immediately begin implementing the elements of the plan that our team of subject matter experts identify need the most urgent attention.

We ask our clients to schedule regular meetings over the next twelve months, to review your progress, celebrate the successes and implement the next steps in your plan.

Fee for Service

Ascent Private Wealth was one of the first financial planning firms in Australia to offer a full fee for service model.

What we do

We help successful people and families retain and grow their wealth. To do this, we help our clients make smart financial choices centred around their underlying values.

How do we deliver

We use the collective expertise of subject matter experts in tax, legal and estate planning, money management, insurance and financial planning to help you implement your written financial strategy that we create based on your most important goals and deeply held values. We follow a process that creates a predictable result and we hold you and everyone involved accountable, to ensure you have the highest probability of actualizing your ideal life.