About Ascent Private Wealth

As one of the most trusted financial advisers in Hawthorn, Melbourne we help successful people and families retain and grow their wealth. To do this, a competent wealth management and financial planning team advise our clients on making smart financial choices centered around their underlying values.

Mark O’Toole established the foundations of Ascent Private Wealth in 1998 after he left Deutsche Bank and has been helping Australians and Ex-patriots retain and grow their wealth for over 25 years. Ascent Private Wealth is an approved Financial Planning Association Professional Practice Member and abides by all of their Code of Ethics.

Ascent Private Wealth has a check-list driven process and is a firm that can walk into complexity and create order, we make things happen and hold everyone accountable. We are a linchpin. Many clients come to Ascent with complex financial affairs that have occurred due to inadequate planning. Ascent is able to unravel those complexities and create a sustainable structure as a basis for simplifying life for our clients.

Our services are tailored to each client’s specific need’s and we source decisions based on an intimate understanding of our clients overall circumstances. Through our discovery process, we help our clients determine the right course of action to meet long term financial goals and implement the agreed strategies in a timely and effective manner.

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