Our Acknowledgments

Information in this form

The information provided in this form (Client Profile and any supplementary pages) is complete and accurate at the time of completion to the best of my/our knowledge (except where I/we have indicated that I/we have chosen not to provide the information).

I/We understand and acknowledge that by either not fully or accurately completing the Client Profile and any supplementary pages, any recommendation or advice given by the adviser in these circumstances may be inappropriate to my/our needs and that I/we risk making a financial commitment that may be inappropriate for the needs identified.

Scope of our advice

As agreed the key advice areas that I/we require advice on are:

o  Cash flow / Budgeting

o  Debt management

o  Estate planning

o  Gearing

o  Investments

o  Insurance

o  Retirement planning

o  Social security

o  Superannuation


*Please note, while you may only be seeking advice on certain aspects of your current situation, your adviser will discuss key advice areas that you should consider.

Financial Services Guide

I/We have read and understood the Financial Services Guide version 8 dated 1 July 2015 prior to obtaining financial planning services and/or recommendations.

Authority for current Adviser

I/We authorise Mark O’Toole of Ascent Private Wealth Pty Ltd to contact any of my/our existing advisers whose details I/we have provided.

Consent to Receive Documents Electronically

Where required, your financial adviser will provide you with and may refer back to the following documents:

  • Financial Services Guide (FSG) provides information to enable you to decide whether to obtain financial services from us.
  • Statement of Advice (SoA) sets out tailored strategic and/or product recommendations aimed at achieving your goals and objectives.
  • Understanding Series provides generic educational information to help you make informed decisions on our advice to you.
  • Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) in the event a financial product has been recommended. The PDS sets out general risks, features and fees of the product(s) being recommended to you.
  • Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS) outlines the fees that we have received over a 12 month period, the services you expected and the services that we delivered.

Receipt of Documents(s):

The above mentioned documents relating to our advice are able to be provided electronically.

I/we consent to having the above mentioned documents provided electronically

I/we consent to having the above mentioned documents provided electronically except: ___________________

In consenting, I/we acknowledge that:

I/we am able to access the documents electronically either online or via my nominated email address; and if I/we wish to obtain a printed copy of the documents I/we can contact my financial adviser who will provide these documents to me at no cost.


I/we wish to obtain the above mentioned documents in printed form.

Information and Privacy Agreement

I/We agree that:

  1. I am/we are to receive financial planning services from the Mark O’Toole in this Client Profile and understand that my/our personal information (including any sensitive information such as health information and membership of professional organisations [“sensitive information”]) is being collected primarily for that purpose.
  2. I / we acknowledge the privacy notification in the Financial Services Guide, that I have access to the Privacy Policy and understand that my personal information will be used and disclosed as outlined in the Policy available from my adviser
  3. I/We also consent to the disclosure of my/our personal information (including my/our sensitive information):
  • to organisations involved in providing my/our adviser with marketing services and to their service providers (for example posting services), so that my/our adviser may offer me/us products and services that might meet my/our financial needs; and
  • to other organisations in connection with the sale or proposed sale of all or part of the adviser’s business and to the use of that personal information by those organisations for those purposes.
  • to other professionals who may need to be engaged in order to implement certain components of my adviser’s business succession advice.
  1. I/We also consent to the collection of my/our personal information for the purpose of my/our adviser providing the services stated above. This consent also relates to my/our sensitive information.
  2. If I/we have provided personal information about an individual (such as a partner, dependent, employer or accountant) I/we have or will as soon as practicable, provide the individual with a copy of the Financial Services Guide which includes how you manage personal information and make them aware that this section applies to their personal information that has been collected for the purpose of my adviser providing me/us with the financial advice I/we have
  3. If I/we have provided sensitive information about someone else, I/we have or will obtain the consent of that person to that information being collected by my/our adviser and my/our adviser’s service providers.
  4. I consent to the release of my personal information (including my sensitive information) to my spouse or partner.