Philanthropy and Family Foundations

In the wake of the recent news of the horrible massacre that has happened to our Kiwi cousins in Christchurch, New Zealand, Ascent Private Wealth has today donated to the victims of the shooting. These funds will contribute towards psychological support for the victims and anything the victims need following this horrible event.

Please donate at:












Ascent Private Wealth also have a relationship with the Australian Himalyan Foundation, who are an Australian Charity who support people in need in Nepal.

Mark O’Toole was one of the founding Directors and Company Secretary’s of the Australian Himalyan Foundation. Due to this relationship, Ascent Private Wealth have been able to give their clients the ability to donate to Nepal.  If you would like to donate to Nepal, please follow this link to their website or you can call us to ask how to on 03 9672 5111 or email