Kim Jong-Un: The Intelligent Investor

When people look for investment insights and understanding, they regularly start with the best-selling book, The Intelligent Investor. Personally, I look to the infamous world leader, Kim Jong-Un. You see Kim is a perfect example of entirely random behaviour, where past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Most recently, Kim has been busy playing with his Grandpa’s train, to engage in diplomatic conversations with Chinese president, Xi Jinping. He then quickly jumped on his train and returned to Pyongyang to attend a K-Pop concert, performed by famous South Korean band, Red Velvet. This is a far cry from the man who has threatened to destroy the world in recent months. So, if a man like Kim is capable of wild swings in demeanour; and after all, his demeanour does influence political relations, which influences the stock market, then surely the stock-market-at-large is capable of behaving in the same way?

This idea provoked some bigger questions as I cast my eyes over the doom & gloom economic commentary that is starting to sink into the media: aren’t we all capable of random behaviour? One minute we are enjoying easter egg hunts and the next we are discussing the market performance of the ASX200! We forget sometimes that the stock market is not an independent, non-connected entity; the stock market is an extension of you and me. It’s an extension of consumer behaviour. And if we can act randomly, then so can the market. If we can have good days and bad days, then so can the market.

So keep enjoying your easter eggs, because after all, it won’t be long before you randomly start exercising in an attempt of self-correction.

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Kind Regards,

Mark O’Toole

Founder/Managing Director